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Fab Feb Sunshine

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

So last weeks blog I managed to loose into the ether and there was no saved copy, my fault entirely but that didn't stop me swearing profusely. It took me a while to calm down and a week before I could face starting another again (and its been gorgeously sunny so whenever possible I've been outside).

The weather has been unseasonably warm and we have had beautifully sunny days with the day time temperature up to the mid teens over the weekend. This has meant that the ground dried up enough for us to collect a few trailer loads of well rotted horse muck for the kitchen garden which we need to do before the spring arrives. We also had to move some of the electric netting sheep fencing which is a one of my least favorite jobs as there is no other way to do it other than roll the 50 meter length up by hand and by the time we had done the 2nd roll everything was aching. The reason for the fencing move is that Deirdre one of our lazy ewes had taken the opportunity of a flat battery to stick her head through it for that one piece of must have grass the other side. Unfortunately she then didn't pull her head straight back out the same way she had stuck it in and managed to get thoroughly tangled up, luckily for us one of our lovely field neighbors spotted her and called us. Between Patrick and Deirdre ewe she was freed but a sizable hole was cut in the electric netting rendering it useless until darned up. So the sheep were moved onto another field and the fencing bought home to be repaired once done we will bring the lazy ewes home and put them on our camping field to take the old seeded grass down. Other jobs this weekend has been to pull yet more ivy off the walls but I stick on a podcast and try and do a bit each weekend.

In my missing blog from last weekend I mentioned how we had cleared out area that had previously been full of brambles and weed trees. The chickens are now thoroughly enjoying scratching around in the freshly cleared soil. Talking of chickens they have begun to lay again and there is nothing nicer than having your own chickens, free range eggs. The cockerel Bert is learning his boundaries thankfully as he very nearly took a peck to far after attaching himself to my backside! A few brooms up his tail feathers and he is keeping a more respectful distance. He is only young having been hatched by the local old peoples nursing home last Easter and well handled he was overly friendly.

Away from the farm this week we ventured down to our first village quiz Friday night at the village hall and returned to the hall this morning to enjoy a full english breakfast at the monthly village breakfast event. I have to say everyone seems really smiley and friendly.

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