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Frosty Thursdays

So Jack Frost arrived in style this morning at Potters Farm with the temperature dropping to a chilly -3.5' and freezing fog just to add to the drama of driving in ice. First job was to drive up a single track road (and thus untreated) to feed and turn out the horses with piles of fresh hay and quickly muck out 2 of the 3 stables before rushing back to Potters in order to meet with the lovely Jim from Dick Ropa Entertainments. It was the first time we had met but he had been recommended by a friend that had been to a number of events Kings Lynn way that Jim had provided the marquees for. It turns out Jim who had taken over from his father has built the business up from discos and entertainment to being a one stop shop for all events and weddings. He measured Potters varies areas up for marquees and then explained that he also could supply all banqueting furniture, lights, inflatable games as well as sound systems so a great contact to make and most importantly a local supplier and a very nice chap.

After Jim headed off into the mist our next visitor was the lovely Lindsey and Ruby from Lindseys Larder. Lindsey is great friend who has worked closely with us a Blue Skies Campsite in Wells, where in the summer she had a small stall selling her amazing home made suppers and seafood that was caught on her husbands little fishing boat The Bulcher. Lindsey during the winter has been busy selling her wares at the weekly village market on a Wednesday at Docking and next weekend she will be at the farmers market at Bayfield. If your local its well worth a visit as her fish pie in particular is divine. Over coffee we were chatting about ideas for this year and one that I was particular excited about is Lindsey seafood supper evenings at Potters with fresh seafood platters and fresh caught mackerel cooked over an open fire. I can see it now fairy lights up on summers evening, lots of little tables and maybe a local band, sounds idyllic I know but watch this space.

After our visitors left it was an afternoon in the office for me doing all the boring stuff before heading back up to do the horses. They are particularly demanding at this time of year as there isn't much in the grass and they always seem impatient with me, in the mornings to go out and in the evenings to come in. As for the sheep this has been left to Patrick to go and break the ice on their water and chuck down a bit of hay, not one to nag I will have to call him in a minute to double check that he hasn't forgotten

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