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One month in....

So we since we last blogged lots and lots have happened. In fact our lives have completely changed. Firstly we have finally moved in and we are now living at Potters Farm which we still have to pinch ourselves to believe that its actually happened. It was a massive step for us as we have moved out our beloved Wells-Next-The-Sea, admittedly only 2 miles up the road but for Patrick who was born and bred in Wells and moving out was something I didn't think would ever happen. As for myself I was bought up in Wells and have been back living in the town for the last 20 years so it was very much home. We are both still really involved with Wells as Patrick is the Wells Carnival Chairman and I'm a volunteer Coast Guard so they can't get rid of us that easily but moving into a new village community is something new to us and although everyone has been very welcoming it was a bit daunting. Although yesterday morning we nipped into the Wighton village hall for the village fundraising breakfast and everyone was really lovely so nothing to worry about at all.

So apart from moving what seemed like an endless supply of boxes and bags (how did we every collect so much stuff?) we have started work outside. Due to the time of year and weather we started with some nice easy jobs such as pulling ivy of some of the barn walls and then brushing out the big red barn with the help of my sisters. We have also moved our chickens over and they are currently doing a grand job of scratching out our Red Barn yard. Our 4 ewes are still currently in Wells on winter grazing but once the grass starts to green up they will come over on grass cutting duties and I will introduce them then.

We have lots of plans for Potters Farm and as they come into fruition I will let you know but one that will definitely happen is the creation of a kitchen garden that produces organic fruit and veg. Currently it has been ploughed and is a looking like a very tall order to make it into anything recognisable as a garden but fingers crossed with a lot of graft and a bit of luck we might get some veg this year. First task before all the fencing goes up is to get some organic horse muck onto it. The plan is to keep blogging as this goes on so you can watch our progress and our all of our ups and inevitable downs. Please if you have any feedback it would be greatly received as we are very much amateurs at this.

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